Add an Avatar/Logo to Your Emails

In the constant struggle to retain your customer’s attention on an email, there are limited ways you can make your emails stand out. 

One effective way to help you on your path of email customization is to add a sender image (otherwise known as e-mail avatar).

This tip will cover the two most popular services that allow you to do so.

Google Account

  1. Create a Google account for your Shopping Cart email at
  2. Navigate to and set your avatar icon
  3. Repeat the steps for each of your business email addresses


A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. Millions of different websites and services pull images from this service to provide an avatar for those services. In the sphere of email clients, these include (to name a few):

By having both Gravatar and Gmail Icons, you ensure your branding and personalization for your support addresses reach your customers.

  • Airmail
  • Sparrow
  • Postbox
  • Thunderbird
  1. Create a Gravatar profile at
  2. Upload image
  3. Use the “Add Email address” link to add additional support addresses

That’s it! Now, when people receive your emails within Gmail/Google apps, or within a service that uses Gravatar, they will see your customized branding!

You may use Gravatar Email Checker to test and confirm your email avatar icon setting.

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