Fix Google Warning about “Clickable elements too close together”

As a result of higher and higher resolution in mobile devices, text becomes smaller and closer together with the same CSS. Google will warn mobile site with “Clickable elements too close together” in “Mobile Usability report”. To increase spacing between Categories listing, in templates/__mobile/Styles/styles.css Find Replace Find Replace Find Replace

404.php alternative

This is a replacement of the class.404.php file and provides a lot more information to help backtrace problems, hacking attempts, etc… Replace /includes/classes/class.404.php with: Alternative version to catch all 404 without $_POST and $_GET, only exclude when particular strings in URL

Fix the ISC File Include Bug

Background From ISC doc: It’s also possible to include another file within a template. This can be accomplished using file include variables. This is extremely useful if external files such as banners, site‐network headers or other content need to be included. File includes can either be local (relative to the Interspire Shopping Cart base directory),…

Broken FastCart Checkout Button in Firefox Mobile

Problem Due to the code used in \Snippets\FastCartThickBoxContent.html, the checkout button image path in FastCart is pointing to the mobile template path, which results in a broken checkout button image. Below is the result of Firefox Android Solution The easiest fix is to copy “CheckoutButton.gif” from the Desktop template to the mobile template