Single Breadcrumb based on HTTP_REFERER

This mod will create a single breadcrumb based on HTTP_REFERER, the actual path used to get to the product page. And it will also maintain all the breadcrumbs for Similar Products. So if the product is filed under multiple categories, the Similar Products list will continue showing all associated categories. In /classes/class.product.php, replace the whole…

Set Apache ExtendedStatus Off to improve performance

Reference: Set ExtendedStatus Off – Although very useful, the ExtendedStatus will produce several system calls for each request to gather statistics.  Better to utilize for a set time period in order to benchmark, then turn back off. In /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Then restart Apache

Fix Google Warning about “Clickable elements too close together”

As a result of higher and higher resolution in mobile devices, text becomes smaller and closer together with the same CSS. Google will warn mobile site with “Clickable elements too close together” in “Mobile Usability report”. To increase spacing between Categories listing, in templates/__mobile/Styles/styles.css Find Replace Find Replace Find Replace

Mobile View: Limit Page list to one level

This mod ensures that mobile devices only see the top or current level of page links rather than all levels, including sub-pages. The default display can quickly clutter the mobile view if there’s a lot of sub-pages. Open: /includes/display/PagesMenu.php Find: Replace with:

Server Configuration and Tuning for Optimal Server Performance

Here is a summary of server configuration for optimal server performance, site speed, and security for a single ecommerce site dedicated server with 16GB RAM. File locations are based on cPanel EA4 Apache 2.4 Event MPM PHP 7.4 PHP-FPM MariaDB 10.3 All configuration values are defined and tuned based on our actual website usages. E.g….