(Stripe Module) Show notice when current-currency is not base-currency


$GLOBALS['OrderAmount'] = $this->_chargedtotalpence;

Add, after

if($GLOBALS['CurrentCurrency'] == 1){
	$GLOBALS['OrderDisplayAmount'] = $this->_chargedtotal;
	$GLOBALS['OrderNotice'] = '';
	$GLOBALS['OrderDisplayAmount'] = $this->_chargedtotal.' <span style="color:#075899;font-weight:bold">^</span>';
	$GLOBALS['OrderNotice'] = '<span style="color:#075899;font-weight:bold">^</span> Our base currency is USD (United States Dollar) though you can view our products in different currencies. These values are there to let you know how much you will be paying in your chosen currency as reference. Your order will be processed in USD at the current exchange rate.';

Then we can use below 2 variables in template file anywhere.

$GLOBALS['OrderDisplayAmount'] // Order amount in base currency
$GLOBALS['OrderNotice'] // Tell customers we are using USD as base currency

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